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Google Updates Chrome for Windows to Add ‘Do Not Track’ & Battery-Saving Feature

Google Chrome permissions settings

Google Chrome for Windows has received a new update this week, which adds a number of helpful features that promise longer battery life and “easier website permissions” for your PC. It’s a must-have for notebook users in particular, who should find that their machine now lasts longer in between charges when used for web browsing.

Google says it has now enabled GPU-accelerated video decoding in Chrome for Windows, which means the browser will now take advantage of your computer’s dedicated graphics chip for video decoding. These chips draw significantly less power from your machine than its processor does, Google states, which results in a softer impact on your battery.

And the difference should be noticeable: according to Google’s tests, battery life lasted up to 25% longer when GPU-accelerated video decoding was enabled.

In addition to this, Chrome for Windows now boasts new permissions settings, which allow you to control a website’s permissions for capabilities like geolocation, pop-ups, and camera/microphone access. Simply click on the padlock icon alongside the site’s URL in the address bar, and then select which permissions you’d like to allow or disallow.

Chrome also has a new ‘Do Not Track’ feature, similar to that already offered by Windows browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer. Google notes, however, that “the effectiveness of such [Do Not Track] requests is dependent on how websites and services respond, so Google is working with others on a common way to respond to these requests in the future.”

The new Chrome update is available to download now. Thanks to the browser’s ‘auto-updates’ feature, it should be downloaded to your PC automatically, then installed the next time you restart the browser.

[Via: Google Chrome Blog]

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