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Mikami Teases New Survival Horror Game Release Date

by Ron Duwell | November 6, 2012November 6, 2012 7:00 pm PST


Shinji Mikami is survival horror. He might not have created the genre, but his seminal hit Resident Evil certainly defined the genre for years to come, and his masterpiece Resident Evil 4 has yet to be outclassed. After a few solid rounds at the helm of fast paced action games, the fright guru will be returning to his career defining genre once again.

It’s been known for quite some that Shinji Mikami and his new company Tango Gameworks would be working directly with Bethesda to create a new survival horror game called Project Zwei, and that this will be Mikami’s last time sitting in the director’s chair. He claims the game will be a “true” survival horror experience in “which the player confronts and overcomes fear.”

He’s added a bit more credibility to his project’s name with the addition of the same CG directors responsible for the creepy atmosphere found in the GameCube Resident Evil remake. The new teaser website for the game sings high praises of the artist and even teases at a potential release date.

“Rebirth is widely considered one of the most atmospheric titles of all time. All things considered, Project Zwei looks to be a stand out title in every regard. While no platform has been set, it is said to be arriving in the later portion of 2013.”

Mikami has only ever delivered high quality games, and Bethesda has been known to take big risks, some which have paid off and some which haven’t. With a legendary game designer in tow, though, it’s a partnership worth keeping an eye on.

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