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Amazon Lockers Coming to Staples Store Locations

by Sean P. Aune | November 6, 2012November 6, 2012 8:30 am PST

Staples Store

Pretty soon you’ll be able to swing by your local Staples store to pick up your most recent order from Amazon.

Speaking with Reuters on Monday, a spokesperson for Staples said that the company has agreed to place Amazon Lockers in its stores across the U.S. This service has been rolling out for some time in places such as convenience stores, drug stores and other businesses that are open 24 hours to allow customers to pick up their orders when it is most convenient for them.

Under this system, when a customer places an order and opts to have it delivered to a Locker, they are sent an email containing a passcode. Once the package is delivered, they have three days to go by the location, enter the code on the touchscreen and retrieve their package. Stores that agree to the installation of the lockers are paid a rental fee for the floorspace they occupy.

While placing the lockers in a 7-11 style store makes sense, putting one in a Staple location just seems a tad odd to us. Isn’t that somewhat like helping the competition? If Staples is cool with it, who are we to argue, but it does seem a tad odd.

[via Reuters]

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