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BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ Goes On Sale in the U.K. With Massive Price Tag

BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ is now available to purchase from electronics retailers in the United Kingdom. As its name suggests, the new model boasts built-in 3G connectivity, allowing users to stay connected while they’re away from Wi-Fi hotspots. But its hefty price tag has left us scratching our heads.

In addition to 3G, the new PlayBook comes with a slightly faster 1.5GHz processor, making it a little speedier than its predecessor, which has a 1GHz CPU. Aside from these additions, however, the device is identical to the Wi-Fi only model.

Which makes its price tag incredibly confusing. You see, the Wi-Fi only model has been heavily discounted in the U.K. since its release, and it currently sells for just £129 (approx. $206) at PC World — that’s with 64GB of internal storage.

The 3G+ model, however — with just 32GB of storage — is priced at £424.79 (approx. $679). That’s a massive difference just for 3G connectivity, and personally, I’d prefer to save £295.79 and carry a Mi-Fi hotspot in my pocket everywhere I go.

I mean, for £56 (approx. $89) less, you could get a brand new 16GB iPad mini with 4G. Not only does Apple’s device offer a larger display, faster connectivity, and access to the Cupertino company’s hugely successful iOS ecosystem, but it’s also less than a month old.

The BlackBerry PlayBook, on the other hand, will be two years old next April. If you ask me, that makes RIM’s massive price tag for the 3G+ model incredibly confusing. The Canadian company is currently struggling to sell the Wi-Fi model at £129, so what makes it think the 3G+ will be more successful at £300 more?

Would you pay £424.79 for a PlayBook 3G+?

[Via: Pocket-lint]

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