Why You Shouldn’t Drop Your iPad Mini (Video)

You probably shouldn’t drop your new iPad mini. Why? Well, as the video above from SquareTrade¬†shows, a face-down drop from 4 feet up in the air completely shatters the display to the point where glass was coming off in shards. Meanwhile, the Nexus 7, also dropped from the same height, just had a small crack in the top corner. The third generation iPad fared just as poorly as the iPad mini – the glass was completely shattered.

What about a water test, you ask? Well, look, we don’t expect any of them to last after being drenched in water. The iPad mini actually still responds after being dunked, but the Nexus 7 turned itself off and wasn’t responsive. The third generation iPad, like the iPad mini, was still responsive but “a little slow” and the home button malfunctioned.

Oddly, SquareTrade says the iPad mini did the best out of all the tests. I disagree, since the Nexus 7 clearly held up the best from all heights and… as most gadgets would, failed only when it was submerged.

[via Mashable]


Todd Haselton

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