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NASA Curiosity Rover Shares Amazing Self Portrait From Mars

by Brandon Russell | November 2, 2012November 2, 2012 9:00 pm PDT

nasa-curiosity-rover-self-portraitNASA’s Mars Curiosity rover took time out of its busy schedule to take a rather humorous self portrait — a collection of 55 images seamlessly stitched together. It almost looks like vacation photo. Mars isn’t in that bad of shape. I mean, it looks like most deserts you’d see here on Earth, just with less oxygen. And that sky is looking a little dull for my taste. But it almost looks like one could freely wander without incident. Off to the right of the photograph, beset by some Curiosity tracks and what looks to be a small dig site, is Mount Sharp, which the rover will ultimately attempt to traverse. In the meantime, Curiosity will be exploring the area for any signs of past or present life. It’s looking kind of lonely out there. (click the image for a larger view.)

[via Wired]


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