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Apple’s Public Apology to Samsung Isn’t Good Enough, Court Says

by Todd Haselton | November 1, 2012November 1, 2012 7:30 am PST

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Apple recently published its required letter on its website stating that Samsung didn’t infringe on its patents. It wasn’t supposed to be an apology, per se, but that’s what most pundits have been calling it. Except, as expected, it wasn’t much of an apology to Samsung at all. The company did admit that a U.K. court ruled Samsung didn’t infringe on its patents, but then went on to say that it won a case against Samsung in the U.S. and in Germany. In other words, it basically brushed off the entire idea of an apology and said “well, look, the court said you didn’t infringe in the U.K. but you did infringe in several other places.” That’s not good enough, the U.K. court recently said.

“The objection was that Apple had added to the statement that the court of appeal had ordered, so did not comply with the original order, and furthermore that the additions were not accurate,” Darren Smyth with EIP partners explained to The Guardian. “Apple must now within 48 hours publish a correction on their homepage with a link to the corrected statement in not less than 11-point font.” Apparently Apple wasn’t allowed to add those paragraphs in which it cited a judge saying that Samsung’s products weren’t as “cool” as Apple’s iPad and iPhone.

We’ll let you know when Apple updates its site, since it should happen in the next couple of days, and if the new post is free of any jabs at Samsung.

[via The Guardian]

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