Apple’s Phil Schiller Confirms iPad Mini Comes With Stereo Speakers

Apple’s new iPad mini has been confirmed by the company to contain stereo speakers, marking the first of any iOS device to do so. When the device was originally announced, many expected it to carry the typical mono format of previous Apple products. But soon after reviews started coming out, notably from The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky, the mini was verified to include stereo speakers.

The confusion was most prominently highlighted by Amazon earlier in the week in a comparison chart between the Kindle Fire HD and iPad mini, which said the iPad mini had a mono speaker setup. The page has since been removed from Amazon’s main page, however.

Phil Schiller, Apple marketing chief, put it succinctly in one customer response email: “It is stereo.” So there you have it. The mono speakergate case is closed. Carry on.

[via MacRumors]

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