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Samsung’s Galaxy Note II Smart Dock Turns Your New Smartphone Into a Desktop PC

Galaxy Note II Smart Dock

While a sturdy case should be the first accessory you buy for your Galaxy Note II, Samsung’s new Smart Dock should be the second. For $99.99, this little piece of kit turns your phablet into a desktop computer. Simply connect a monitor, an external storage drive, and a USB keyboard and mouse and you have yourself a “productivity powerhouse.”

The Smart Dock is available to purchase from Samsung’s website now, and its description reads:

The Samsung Galaxy Smart Dock makes it easy to take advantage your phone’s high-speed internet connectivity and super-fast processor. Connect an HD monitor, external storage device, and USB keyboard and mouse to turn your smartphone into a productivity powerhouse. Make messaging, editing documents and accessing media files a breeze. Plug in your 3.5mm stereo audio components or speakers and you have the ultimate pocket-sized home theater and computer in one.

The device outputs high-definition 1080p video to your TV or monitor, and uses only a microUSB cable for power. And while your Galaxy Note II is docked inside it, you can still use it as normal — you’ll even be able to make and receive phone calls.

Galaxy Note II Smart Dock back

This looks like a pretty awesome accessory if you ask me, and a must-have for any Galaxy Note II owner. Will you be picking one up?

[Via: SlashGear]

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