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Dragon Quest VII Being Remade for Nintendo 3DS

by Ron Duwell | October 31, 2012October 31, 2012 8:00 pm PDT


With all the Super Famicom Dragon Quest games available on the DS and available to Americans for the first time, Square Enix is finally turning to the one that actually needs a full blown remake, Dragon Quest VII for the Nintendo 3DS.

If you’ve never played this colossal RPG, titled Dragon Warrior VII when released back for the PlayStation in America, imagine the ultimate patience test. The game originally sported a similar look to the DS remakes with similar character over world sprites and in battle monster art; but, for whatever reason, the PlayStation was unable to power animations for the large cast of monsters, making it the most lifeless game in the series. It’s hard to believe that this relic was released just a year before Final Fantasy X in Japan.

And this wasn’t a simple little 20 hour RPG either. Dragon Quest VII is a chore of a video game that can take anywhere over 100 hours to conquer. Imagine grinding against the same stiff monsters over and over again for over twice the length of the average modern JRPG, an you’ll have a good idea of the grueling experience this game really is.

The game was a monster success in Japan, becoming the series’ most successful entry with well over four million copies sold and getting praise across the board.

In America, sales barely broke 200,000 and it was panned by a lot of critics for being too outdated during a time when RPG contemporaries like Chrono Cross and Vagrant Story skyrocketed the genre into new territories. Even the PlayStation 2 had already been released by this point, and most Americans hadn’t had the chance to experience a Dragon Quest game since the NES.

Now with more knowledge and hindsight of the series, I have a feeling that a Dragon Quest VII remake would be much more well received. A re-translation and the slick new 3D graphics will go a long way in re-establishing Dragon Quest VII‘s popularity in America, but only if Square Enix can cut its length by at least half. 100 hour JRPGs are way out of style, and nobody has the time or really wants to play them anymore.

The game will be released in February next year in Japan, and it will even further help solidify the Nintendo 3DS as the next big platform for JRPGs.

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