Android Now Has Just as Many Apps as iOS, Report Suggests


Apple recently said that there are 700,000 iOS applications in its iTunes App Store. Google’s Android platform, which has typically trailed Apple’s iOS in terms of the number of applications available to its users, is now all caught up.

AllThingsD┬átoday said that a Google source has confirmed that it now also has more than 700,000 applications. That’s impressive growth for Android, which hasn’t had an app store as long as Apple has. Meanwhile, Microsoft said yesterday that the Windows Phone Store has 120,000 applications, but that it’s also growing quickly.

This is great news but I find that, at least on the game front, Android appears┬áto still be lacking. There seems to be plenty of bloatware and unused, lame applications in both stores and Apple’s iOS selection, to me, is more attractive. I still use Windows Phone, Android and iOS daily, in any case, since I think each platform has its pros and cons independent of the app stores.

[via AllThingsD]

Todd Haselton

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