Which Windows Phone 8 Device Are You Going to Get? (Poll)

Microsoft’s revamped Windows onslaught is in full swing, with the company once again detailing every little feature during an (at times) awkward presentation on Monday. The meat of the event focused on some stats, new Windows Phone 8 features, and Ballmer highlighting which phones are hitting when and where.

For folks looking for a stand-out approach from the domination of iOS and Android, Windows Phone 8 fits the bill perfectly. The Metro (I know it’s not officially called Metro anymore) tiles, customization and bright colors all incorporate into some pretty attractive packages, including the HTC Windows Phone 8X (full review here), Lumia 920 and Samsung ATIV S.

There are quite a few options slated to come out, but are there enough to really put a dent in the market shares of iOS and Android?


Brandon Russell

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