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Verizon Getting Samsung ATIV Odyssey and HTC Windows Phone 8X Later This Year

Verizon will get exclusive dibs on Samsung’s ATIV Odyssey before the year is up, with Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer announcing that it’ll be available in December. Ballmer likely refrained from revealing an exact date and price so the carrier can do so on its own terms, but it’s a tease designed to start whetting the appetite of Samsung fans looking to get into the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem.

In addition, Ballmer said the wonderfully quirky HTC Windows Phone 8X will hit Verizon by Thanksgiving, which is less than a month away. Customers can purchase the 16GB device for $199 on two-year contract.

Lastly, the Nokia Lumia 822 will — not quite the Lumia 920, or even the 820 — be available for $49 on two-year contract, which is a pretty tremendous price for those on a budget.

Brandon Russell

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