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Microsoft Details Windows Phone 8 Feature Called Rooms

Windows Phone 8 home screenRemember chat rooms? AOL? They were integral parts of the Internet’s early ecosystem, and where a lot of us probably learned how to type in the first place. Microsoft is revamping that adolescent idea and integrating it right into Windows Phone 8.

Rooms is now a place where family members (or friends, acquantances, etc.) can group chat and share information privately. It’ll allow mom and dad to share calendar events, embarrassing photos and even notes to other Windows Phone 8 devices. If it works like Microsoft claims, it’ll potentially keep everyone on the same page, and keep the chaos of running a tight family ship streamlined.

Surprisingly, Rooms is cross platform — iPhone and Windows Phone 7 devices can be part of the room, too, though no word on when Android can join in on the party. It sounds like a pretty cool way to mass communicate, and a simple solution to keeping life from becoming too overwhelming.

Brandon Russell

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