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Halo 4 Launch Trailer – The Forerunners Foreboding

by Ron Duwell | October 24, 2012October 24, 2012 7:30 am PST

Two weeks remain until Master Chief makes a long overdue comeback and continues his journey through unknown space. Halo 4 is primed and ready to launch on November 6th, and 343 Industries has a new trailer to show off their wares one more time.

When we last left the Chief, he was drifting aboard a derelict ship through the unknown galaxy; but, as fortune would have it, the grizzled veteran crash lands on the home of the Forerunners, the ancient race of beings who built the giant Halo weapons. Master Chief accidentally reawakens the self-proclaimed “guardians of the galaxy,” and they immediately get a plan in motion to once again destroy humanity, because I guess we are “standing as the greatest threat in the galaxy.”

I think we as humans need to get over ourselves. We’ve only been sentient for about 4,000 years and aren’t really all that great as a whole. When the Forerunners come knocking on Earth’s door, just remember that the whole reason this new conflict is starting is because Master Chief pushes the button to wake these guys up. Good going, chief! Covenant not enough of a challenge for you?

Beyond a little exposition, the trailer also shows off Halo 4‘s multiplayer mode and some new abilities that will be available this time around like shields and robots. However, besides a few flashes, not much gameplay is shown for a self described “gameplay trailer.”

Mark your calendars, because we’re restarting the fight we finished last time around when Halo 4┬álaunches exclusively for the Xbox 360 on November 6th.

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