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T-Mobile No Longer Offering 200MB Data Plan, Going With 2GB Base Instead

T-Mobile store U.K.T-Mobile has reportedly ditched its bottom dollar 200MB data plan, and is instead requiring new customers go with 2GB for $20 per month. According to TmoNews, the change actually occurred back on Oct. 10, though it doesn’t affect those who are currently ponying up for the $10, 200MB option. The difference in price isn’t all that much, and actually folks are getting a pretty good value boost in monthly data for just $10. Sure, the change might perturb a few customers — it’s an extra $120 a year — but the boost will give people that much more freedom to download apps, stream movies and browse the Web without worrying about slipping over the edge. For those customers who do have the 200MB plan right now, you’ll have to change once you renew your contract. Change is inevitable.

[via TmoNews]

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