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Nokia Confirms 808 PureView Will Still Receive New Features Despite the Death of Symbian

by Killian Bell | October 19, 2012October 19, 2012 6:00 am PDT

Nokia 808 PureView white

On Thursday, Nokia revealed that it had ceased Symbian development and sent the platform into “maintenance mode,” meaning there would be no new features for the Finnish firms Symbian-powered smartphones. It seemed like a massive blow to Nokia smartphone owners who hadn’t yet switched to Windows Phone — especially those who recently picked up the 808 PureView, which only went on sale this year.

Nokia has since confirmed, however, that the 808 PureView is an exception. In response to the original bug report, Nokia said:

I would like to make short correction to our previous comments just to avoid potential misunderstandings. When we were talking about maintenance mode we were actually referring to our earlier Symbian releases. We do have new feature development for Pureview 808 product and we periodically evaluate what updates are needed to attract the end users. Your comments will we re-evaluated in these cross-check points.

This is good news for 808 PureView owners, of course, who may have been worried that they had been left out in the cold just months after picking up their new smartphone. Nokia’s support for Symbian was always going to cease at some point following its decision to focus on Windows Phone. But it did seem surprising that it would drop 808 PureView support so soon.

Thankfully, that’s not going to be the case.

[Via: TechRadar]

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