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Below the Surface: Windows RT, Office RT, and Apps Take up 12GB of Space

by Brandon Russell | October 18, 2012October 18, 2012 6:00 pm PST

microsoft-surfaceMicrosoft’s suite of pre-installed apps and software, including Windows RT and Office RT, will take up 12GB of the Surface’s 32GB of space. That leaves only 20 gigs — still a pretty healthy amount, to be fair — for a user’s apps, media, and other files when the device hits. It’s certainly an interesting fact, and further calls into question the company’s pricing strategy over its competitors, especially when you throw the optional touch keyboard into the mix. In comparison, iOS on Apple’s iPad takes up about 1GB of space — though it doesn’t have an Office suite — right out of the box, meaning the disparity gap of 5GB isn’t really all that much. It’s no wonder there’s no 16GB option of the Surface; you’d only be left with 4GB of space after all was said and done. Thankfully, it has a microSDXC card reader so you can add a bit more storage, should you need to.

[via BusinessInsider]

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