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RIM Rallies the Troops, Says Users Are Black Sheep by Choice

by Brandon Russell | October 17, 2012October 17, 2012 8:30 pm PST

blackberry-team-blackberry“It’s been challenging,” a BlackBerry blog post contemplates, responding to a disparaging Oct. 15 New York Times piece about some users feeling like “Black Sheep.” Challenging might be an understatement. The company has been traversing a slippery slope in 2012, with a realistic possibility that the beginning of next year won’t get any better.

But despite this, RIM is keeping a positive outlook, and many of its users are jumping to the defense of the ailing company on social networks like Twitter.

“No doubt, we’ve got a fighting spirit and developed some thick skin being the brunt of jokes, rumors and speculation,” the company wrote on Wednesday. “Not only do we believe in BlackBerry 10, but we are proud to be a part of RIM.”

“I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day,” one Tweet says.

It’s this kind of staunch loyalty, and RIM’s commitment to its users and developers, that has kept the company afloat during troubling times. While Android and iOS continue to pull away, RIM is proudly voicing why its #ProudToBeTeamBlackBerry, and asking its userbase to voice similar exclamations of support.

“Proud member of #TeamBlackBerry and team #blacksheep,” said one user. “Haters gonna hate, but for #BB10 I’ll wait,” said another.

[via BlackBerry Blog]

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