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Microsoft’s Surface is So Strong it Can Double as a Skateboard

by Brandon Russell | October 17, 2012October 17, 2012 3:00 pm PST

surface-skateboardThe Surface’s magnesium build is apparently so strong that it can double as a skateboard. It’s not exactly a “flagship” feature, but it highlights just how durable Microsoft’s popular new tab is.

Steven Sinofsky is actually so assured of the tab’s integrity that, not only did he Tweet out a few pictures of the Surface Skateboard, but he demonstrated the device’s extreme feature in front of a small group of reporters on Monday, AllThingsD said. You won’t find that kind of gusto at Cupertino.

So instead of “Will it blend?,” we now have, “Can I use it as a skateboard?” Now that Sinofsky has publicly demonstrated how tough its tab is, how long before we start seeing strength test videos seeing pop up on YouTube? Oct. 26 isn’t that far away.

[via AllThingsD]

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