LG Confirms Jelly Bean Upgrade Plans, Rollout Beginning November

LG Optimus Jelly Bean upgrade

LG has confirmed its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade plans for customers using the Korean company’s Optimus family of smartphones. The rollout will begin in November for the Optimus LTE II, and will bring plenty of new features and improvements to the device, including “Q Slide,” notes, and usability enhancements.

The rollout will continue in December, arriving on the new Optimus G. It won’t reach the Optimus Vu and Optimus Vu II, however, until the first quarter of 2013. Strangely, LG’s press release doesn’t even mention the Optimus 4X HD, which only launched in August of this year and is more than capable of running the Jelly Bean platform.

LG says that all its updates will be rolled out sequentially, likely beginning in its homeland of Korea and then making their way around the world. It could take several weeks to reach your handset following its initial release, then — especially if it has to go through carrier testing, too.

[Via: The Next Web]

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