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iPad Mini – News, Overview, Review and More

by Sean P. Aune | October 15, 2012October 15, 2012 6:30 am PDT

iPad Mini – News, Overview, Review and More

The iPad opened the doors wide to the world of tablets when it was introduced in 2010. Since that time Apple has dominated the 10-inch tablet market, but a 7-inch market has sprung up of late as well with the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. Has the time come for Apple to jump into this market as well?

While Apple has yet to officially acknowledge that the device exists, the evidence has been mounting for some time now that it does indeed exist and will be unveiled sometime in Oct. 2012.

iPad Mini Articles You Should Check Out

Leaked iPad Mini SKU Shows Multiple Configurations, Possible Update to New iPad

Invites are out, and the rumors were (probably) right: Apple is preparing to officially unveil an iPad mini. As today’s teaser indicates, the Cupertino company has a little more to show us, suggesting the smaller tab is indeed incoming. But just how many “little mores” does Apple have in store? If a product SKU listing […]

iPad mini: Are You Interested in One? (Poll)

With the iPad mini looking set to be announced on Oct. 23, it’s time to start voicing your opinions on if this is something that even intrigues you. Does the idea of an iPad mini reach out and grab you? Do you want to take some time to hear what the actual specs are before […]

iPad Mini: What to Expect

Apple just sent out press invites for a press event on Oct. 23 where it’s largely expected to unveil the 7.85-inch iPad mini. If correct, this will be Apple’s first foray into the 7-inch tablet market, which is largely dominated by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Samsung and Google. What features will the iPad mini offer? […]

Leaked iPad Mini Prices Show up in Retailer Inventory System

A screencap from an internal German electronics retailer lists 16 different iPad mini models — both Wi-Fi and cellular, contradicting a previous report — with prices ranging from 250 – 650 euros ($320 – $840 when accounting for exchange rate). It’s difficult to verify whether the listings are accurate, but if they are, consumers will […]

iPad Mini Accessories Reportedly Ready to Ship

We covered a report earlier this week that suggested case design for the iPad mini had halted due to last minute design changes. That may not actually be the case, at least for several accessory makers in Asia. According to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, more than 20 firms are already working on accessories […]

Apple Allegedly Set to Unveil iPad Mini on Oct. 23

Well, Oct. 10 came and went without any invites to an iPad mini press event, but now another report suggests that Apple is going to unveil its smaller iPad during a press event in San Francisco on Oct. 23. AllThingsD, which is usually accurate with dates related to Apple events, said it has learned from […]

Best Buy Allegedly Purchases iPad Mini Accessory Displays to Prepare for Device

Best Buy has allegedly ordered iPad mini accessory displays, with a picture of the full schematics obtained by AppleInsider. While the device has yet to see an announcement — case makers are supposedly scrambling due to last minute design changes — the display was said to have been ordered only after iPad mini accessories were […]

“iPad Mini Will Take Off like a Wildfire in China,” Analyst Says

Let the analyst predictions for an unannounced product continue! Today we bring you the words of Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, which were recently published in a note to investors. White thinks that China is going to be the perfect market for the iPad mini. He points to the success of the Galaxy Note […]

Apple Will Only Offer Wi-Fi Model of iPad Mini, Says Report

Apple’s upcoming iPad mini will be Wi-Fi-only in an effort to keep prices competitive. According to The Guardian, the Cupertino company won’t introduce a 3G-capable mini, contrary to an earlier report that provided an iPad mini shell with nano-SIM slot. It’s not a surprising omission, but the news, if true, still might irk some hopefuls. […]

iPad Mini Design Change Allegedly Halts Case Production

Case makers typically build protective covers for Apple’s products based on speculation or leaked design schematics. That’s why accessory makers such as Case Mate accidentally created protective cases for the “iPhone 5” ahead of the iPhone 4S launch. Those mishaps can cost millions of dollars, however, and it appears that accessory makers have stopped producing […]

iPad Mini Mockup Image Gives us More Sense of Scale Next to Larger iPad

A new iPad mini picture posted on Twitter recently  — it’s authenticity hasn’t yet been verified — is further giving us a sense of scale next to Apple’s bigger mama tablet. What’s particularly odd about the image is the mini’s volume lock orientation/mute buttons, which suggests Apple is set to deviate slightly from its usual […]

Apple Did Not Skimp on iPad Mini Aesthetics, Analyst Says

We’re expecting Apple to announce the iPad mini on Oct. 17 and, while the device will hopefully be cheaper than the larger new iPad and iPad 2, Apple apparently hasn’t scaled back on the materials used to create the device. In other words, we can expect it to be as first-class as all of Apple’s […]

iPad mini Case Leak Gives Better Concept of Size and Scale (Exclusive)

A trusted source has sent us over some images of a leaked iPad mini case that gives us a much better sense of the size and scale of the rumored new Apple product. While there is still no official confirmation that the iPad mini exists, that has never been something to stand in the way […]

Renders of iPhone 5, iPad Mini and New iPad Show Off One Big Happy Family

The family portrait you see above is likely what Apple’s mobile lineup will look like on retail shelves around the world this holiday season. Apple is gearing up for one of the biggest ever periods in technology, and it’ll need all the ammo at its insanely wealthy disposal if it wants to keep up. The […]

iPad Mini Mockup Pictures Surface (Gallery)

Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on Wednesday and, while initial reports suggest the iPad mini would be announced on the same day, the iPad mini announcement is now expected to come in October. We’ve already seen several mockups of the 7.85-inch tablet, including a recent die cast build, but now a French website has […]

iPad Mini’s Rear Shell Gets Pictured Again

The iPad mini’s rear shell has been pictured again ahead of its much-anticipated unveiling this fall. It’s not the first time we’ve seen it, but these are possibly some of the best images that have surfaced so far. And according to the Chinese site that discovered the panel, it’s a genuine Apple part. So what does it […]

iPad Mini Die Cast Shows Off Smaller Dock Connector, Thin Design

Apple’s got the larger tablet market cornered, but it’s far behind its competitors in the 7-inch range — largely because it doesn’t even have a device in that space. But that’s all set to change, according to multiple reports, and we may see an announcement in early October. Previous iPad mini leaks have supported murmurs […]

iPad Mini to Have Screens From LG and AU Optronics, Says Report

According to a new report, the screens for the iPad mini will be supplied by both LG and AU Optronics. According to anonymous sources that have spoken with Bloomberg, both LG and AU Optronics have been tapped to supply the screens for the oft rumored iPad mini. Meanwhile, the lamination coating will be done by […]

iPad Mini Reportedly Shows Up in App Developer Logs

Apple’s long rumored iPad mini may be accidentally outing itself to app developers who pay close enough attention to their log files. Marco Arment, developer of Instapaper, shared some interesting facts on his blog yesterday. While looking through the list of devices to access his app for the day, he found listings for “iPad2,5” and […]

These iPad Mini Mockups Look Like They Came Straight From Apple

Apple is said to be preparing an iPad mini event for sometime in October. That means we won’t get just one day — September 12, iPhone 5 day — of Apple-centric narcissism, but possibly one or two months. Sorry, competitors, but Apple wants to drown out all the noise coming from cooler, possibly better products […]

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