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Apple Planning to Implement Passbook Inside Retail Stores

by Brandon Russell | October 15, 2012October 15, 2012 2:00 pm PST

iOS 6 - Passbook - iPhone - Press - 001Apple is preparing to roll out an update to its mobile EasyPay system that will allow customers to use Passbook at the company’s retail stores. The service, according to sources, will equip employees with the necessary tools to scan Apple Store payment card codes, eliminating the antiquated exchange of cash, or swiping plastic.

It’s allegedly taken Apple so long to integrate this method because the company has reportedly found it difficult to scan certain displays. I know when I used Passbook for a movie, I had to turn my brightness up all the way in order for the movie theater to scan my tickets. Otherwise, it worked like a charm.

With so many iPhone 5’s out in the wild, and more new Apple kit on the way, the Cupertino is attempting to make the process of purchasing goods even easier at its retail stores. If implemented correctly, you can bet that’ll be a good thing for Apple, as it’ll make the experience as painless as possible for customers.

[via InsiderMonkey]

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