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Square Bundles Seven Games for $10 For One Week


Maybe it has something to do to make up for the negative press surrounding their high priced iOS games, but Square Enix is releasing an awfully generous bundle through Amazon for the next five days.

The bluntly named Absolutely Great Square Pack bundles seven PC games through download only. For the small price of $10, you can get Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition and its “The Missing Link” DLC expansion, Hitman: Blood Money, Just Cause 2, Just Cause, Quantum Conundrum, Supreme Commander 2, and The Last Remnant.

It’s an amazing deal cutting down the price of these game by 94%, but the package also lands buyers a $5 off bonus from Hitman: Absolution.

My only problem is the glaring omission of Square’s Japanese line-up. Granted, not many of them have been released through the PC before, but when The Last Remnant is all you’ve got in your best deal ever to show you’re not totally leaning on Eidos for a creative boost, then you probably need to do some serious inner searching as to why you can’t produce your own hits anymore.

How about some love for all of those beloved console hits from the last few ye…oh yeah.

Let’s get this straight. Eidos was a decent third party publisher before being bought outright by Sqaure Enix. They’ve done a great job creating quality games under the Square Enix Europe banner; but, deep down inside, they are still fundamentally Eidos. Square Enix of Japan has a lot of convincing to do to show old time fans that they still have what it takes to keep their rich RPG legacy intact, or else they will soon be stuck with the label of “the Japanese EA.”

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