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13-inch Retina MacBook Pro to Have “Unprecedented” Battery Design, Says Report

13_inch_retina_macbook_pro_display_2With rumors circulating about a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro making an appearance at Apple’s iPad mini event, it was only a matter of time before details started to leak. And according to Chinese site WeiPhone, Apple’s upcoming smaller Retina machine will introduce an “unprecedented” battery design, and will basically be a smaller version of the 15-inch Retina that’s currently available.

The only known difference at this point is that the 13-inch will only carry one contact pad in its thermal design, which could mean it won’t include a discrete graphics chip. Otherwise, the machine will reportedly come equipped with a MagSafe 2 plug, Thunderbolt ports, a USB port, headphone jack, HDMI port and an SD card reader.

The forum poster hocking the 13-inch Retina Pro rumor apparently has a decent track record, MacRumors said, previously outing parts of the 15-inch non-Retina Pro before the machine was announced. We’re curious as to how Apple plans to price the device if it does get an official unveiling next week. The company has a ton of kit on deck for the holiday season, not least of which includes the iPad mini.

[via MacRumors]

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