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E.X. Troopers “Night Treasures” Trailer, Demo Next Week

by Ron Duwell | October 12, 2012October 12, 2012 10:00 pm PDT

Just to remind you what you won’t ever be playing in English, here’s a trailer for Capcom’s upcoming Lost Planet spin-off, E.X. Troopers.

The 3DS and PlayStation Network shooter rings of nothing but charm and good times. Fun characters, cool graphics, and intense colorful combat make this is easily the most interesting game in Capcom’s ever dwindling line-up. It’s baffling why they are willing to hold this back while they have no problem mucking around with the Resident Evil franchise.

I thought we were past the days of importing Japan only exclusives.

The latest trailer shows off a typical mission in the game, although its much shorter with the action and focuses more on treasure hunting. Capcom themselves have stated that they wish to turn the main Lost Planet series into a more of a mainstream shooter, so these RPG, cel-shading and treasure hunting elements are clearly the byproduct of misplaced creativity.

With the western revamp of Devil May Cry, open-world western RPG in Dragon’s Dogma, turning Lost Planet into a westernized shooter, mainstreaming Resident Evil, and outsourcing all of their major franchises to small time western developers, you really have to wonder if Capcom has the confidence to stick what they used to be good at, solid hardcore Japanese video games.

Don’t let them ruin all your fun though. A demo will be released through the Japanese Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Network next week. It might be hard to get into the Nintendo of Japan eShop, but those with a Japanese PSN account should have no problem completing the demo’s thee missions. Give it a whirl, and we’ll see if this game is truly worth making a fuss over.

How about it? Is E.X. Troopers to bright and colorful and flies in the face of this western and gritty image Capcom is going for these days?

E.X. Troopers will be released in Japan for the 3DS and PlayStation Network on November 22nd. Importers should be wary of the insane price. The 3DS version will run you 5,990 yen ($77) and the PlayStation 3 version will be 6,990 yen ($90). Expensive to be sure, but that’s the life of a Japanese video gamer.

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