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Android 4.2 Will Allegedly Feature Gmail Pinch-to-Zoom, Swipe to Delete

Sweet, we’re starting to find out a bit more about what Google’s next Android 4.2 mobile operating system will offer. According to a new report from Android Police on Friday, we can expect the new OS to offer pinch-to-zoom support in email – great for people poor of eyesight, and will also feature a new option that allows users to swipe an email to delete it.

Swiping to delete is a natural gesture in Android 4.1, which allows you to delete messages and other information from the notification with a quick flip of the finger. Android Police was a bit foggy on how it discovered this email, but it hinted that it has a working version of Android 4.2 and the new version of Gmail from an LG Nexus system dump. In any case, the site has its proof with a full video of the new features, which we’ve embedded above.

[via Android Police]

Todd Haselton

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