LG Mach Hands-On: A Compact Surprise

sprint-lg-mach-001If you have no interest in QWERTY handsets, the LG Mach will do little to entice you away from a full touch device. But there is a minority out there who still long for the dying art of keyboard typing, which is exactly why the Mach exists. By today’s standards, its specs are sub-standard at best. But that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s nothing to like.

I’m not particularly adept at using QWERTY devices, but I found the experience to be easy enough. The buttons don’t pop out as much as I’d like, but they still felt solid when pressed, and the keyboard itself was roomy for its size. On that note, the device was surprisingly compact contrary to its thickness, meaning the addition of a keyboard doesn’t make it any more cumbersome than normal.

It’s an unassuming package that doesn’t really jump out in any particular way, but the Mach is a surprisingly solid handset. Build quality was actually pretty excellent, and the sliding mechanism was great. And despite its 1.2GHz dual-core processor/Ice Cream Sandwich combo, the device purred along without a problem.

Overall, the handset was a pleasant surprise, and will no doubt make a good mid-range handset at an affordable price. If QWERTY devices hold a special place in your heart, definitely consider Sprint’s LG Mach.


Brandon Russell

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