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Plane Crash Survivors Stranded in Gulf of Mexico Film Ordeal on iPad

by Adriana Lee | October 9, 2012October 9, 2012 6:30 pm PDT

If you had a horrific accident, would you have the presence of mind to document it? At any given moment, most of us have at least one mobile device or camera on us, but it’s often the last thing people think about when all heck’s breaking loose. But it can also be the one thing that can keep you going in the face of disaster. Just ask Ted Wright and Raymond Fosdick. Two and a half weeks ago, they used an iPad to record their experience after a plane crash stranded them in the waters off the Gulf of Mexico.

Wright, 27, and Fosdick, 36, of Baytown, Texas, were flying from their home state to Florida in a Beechcraft 55 Baron on Sept. 20 when a fire ignited onboard Wright’s twin-engine airplane. They sent out a distress call just before crash landing in the water, and then found themselves adrift roughly 30 miles away from the Louisiana coast.

Thanks to safety training, they kept their heads in these extreme circumstances. In fact, when Wright pulled out the iPad he had recovered from the wreckage and began filming, the tablet, sealed in a waterproof LifeProof case, captured the faces of two unbelievably calm men.

Despite their demeanor, they admitted that worry began to creep in after two different airplanes passed by without spotting them in the middle of all that blue. Night was also approaching, which would’ve made any search and rescue nearly impossible. Luckily, a Coast Guard helicopter did manage to find them three hours later. It was the nick of time — there were only 20 minutes left before sunset.

[Via MSNBC, The Today Show]

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