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Need For Speed Most Wanted – Escape the Fuzz, Take Down Rivals

Criterion Games has a new trailer showing off a typical police chase in their upcoming open-world racer, Need For Speed Most Wanted.

Racing through the streets at light speed is most likely not going to make the fuzz happy,and they’ve pulled out all the stoPs to put these street races to an end. Racers will tear through roadblocks, find off-road shortcuts and burn the police with their nitro boost power.

Most impressive though is the ability to repair and adjust your car on the fly. Tire rippers will be a thing of the past with automatic re-inflation, and adjusting the impact protection on the fly will protect you car from aggressive attackers.

The cops are not the only ones out to bring your career to an early end on the streets of Fairhaven City. Rival cars are also on the hunt and want to take you down just as badly. Of course, knocking out these rivals will win you their cars for use in game, so don’t be shy when one appears in your rear view mirror. Show him the same courtesy and run him off road just the same as he would with you.

It’s almost as if the races themselves are the least important thing in this racing game. Maybe this time you can do Criterion Games’ outspoken Vice President Alex Ward a nice favor and try to grasp their hard work because apparently “nobody understoodBurnout Paradise.

Need For Speed Most Wanted will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita and PC this October 30th.

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