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BBC Launches iPlayer Radio for Smartphones, Tablets & PCs

BBC iPlayer Radio iPhone

The BBC has launched a brand new service called iPlayer Radio, which is exclusive to smartphones, tablets, and computers. As its name suggests, iPlayer Radio is focused on the BBC’s radio stations, and much like the traditional iPlayer service, it’ll allow users to catch up with their favorite shows on-demand, as well as stream them live to their device.

The app will allow you to view radio guides, set program reminders for shows you don’t want to miss, and set alarms that enable you to wake up to your favorite DJs. But arguably its most exciting feature is the library of video clips it offers, which includes live performances from some of the biggest bands — which you can share with your friends via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Daniel Danker, general manager of programs for the BBC, says that iPlayer Radio lets you take BBC radio with you wherever you go:

“BBC iPlayer Radio is radio for an audience that expects to access our content anywhere: now you truly can take BBC Radio with you wherever you go.

“It’s also radio for an audience that wants greater choice and control. They want to listen again when they choose, to personalise their listening experience, to share tracks they’ve discovered with friends. BBC iPlayer Radio delivers all of these things, in a simple, consistent, easy to navigate way. At the heart of it is the BBC’s quality radio programmes, and iPlayer Radio sets those programmes free like never before.”

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to listen to content offline initially. But the BBC says that this functionality is in the pipeline for the future.

iPlayer Radio will be available today on Android and iOS, and you’ll need to be located in the United Kingdom to enjoy its content.

[Via: SlashGear]

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