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AT&T & Social Bicycles Make Bike Rentals By Smartphone Easy Peasy

by Adriana Lee | October 7, 2012October 7, 2012 2:30 pm PST

Social Bicycle

AT&T has joined forces with Social Bicycles to roll out a new rental service this fall that modern, tech-savvy pedal pushers should really appreciate. The best way to describe it is like a Zipcar for bikes, only better.

Like Zipcar, renters can find locations or make reservations via smartphone app, even use it to unlock the bike from the rack, and then head off on their merry way. But unlike Zipcar, which requires you to bring your rental back to the original place, you can return a Social Bicycle to another rack. Just fire up your phone again to find more convenient, nearby places in your city.

But these aren’t your typical Schwinns — the bikes have GPS locators (carried by AT&T’s network, of course), so if you steal or ditch that ride, the companies will know. More importantly, if you’re hurt and bleeding at the bottom of a hill or something, they’d be able to find you.

The other benefits are numerous and obvious. There’s no concern about gasoline, whether that’s paying for it or being worried about its effect on the environment, no rush-hour traffic to worry about and, most of all, it’s a great way to keep fit while getting where you need to go.

No word yet on how much it will cost, but we should know sometime this fall, when the first roll-out hits Buffalo, NY; Sun Valley, ID; and San Francisco (with more cities to follow in 2013).

Want to know when it will arrive in your city? Then click here to sign up for email updates. For more, check out AT&T’s press release at the source link.

[Via ChipChick, source AT&T]

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