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Leaked Document Suggests AT&T Cutting 30-Day Return Policy to 14 Days (Update: Confirmed)

by Brandon Russell | October 6, 2012October 6, 2012 1:00 pm PDT

at&t-return-policyWell, this isn’t the kind of news AT&T customers will want to hear heading into the next few months. According to an internal document acquired by Engadget, the carrier is planning to implement a 14-day equipment return and service cancellation policy effective Oct. 7, which is tomorrow — that’s down from the current 30-day period. If you’re prone to buyer’s remorse, or know someone who is, definitely do some research and ensure you purchase a device you’re 100 percent happy with out the door. Engadget said there may be a small grace period in November for unwitting buyers, but it’s better to air on the side of caution when making a purchase for yourself (or purchasing a device as a gift).

[via Engadget]

Update: AT&T reached out to TechnoBuffalo and confirmed that the carrier will move to a 14-day policy after Oct. 7. As a note, Verizon made a similar move to a two week return period last year, while Sprint and T-Mobile maintains a similar strategy.

AT&T has updated its device return policy. Consumer customers will have 14 days to return a device for any reason and cancel service without paying an Early Termination Fee. While this begins on October 7, AT&T customers will continue to have the option to update their voice and data plans at any time.

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