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Foxconn: Report of Worker Strike is Completely False

by Brandon Russell | October 6, 2012October 6, 2012 9:00 am PDT

Apple_iPhone_5_Box_OpenFollowing China Labor Watch’s claim on Friday that some four thousand Foxconn workers went on strike because of unrealistic iPhone 5 expectations, the manufacturer has come out to deny the report, saying everything is just dandy. Even more important, Foxconn said, production is on schedule for the busy holiday season.

The Taiwanese company did admit there was a few brief altercations during the week, but nothing on the scale reported by CLW.

“Any reports that there has been an employee strike inaccurate,” Foxconn said. “There has been no workplace stoppage in that facility or any other Foxconn facility and production has continued on schedule.”

A report from China’s official Xinhua news agency unleashed a similar report to CLW on Friday, claiming around 100 quality inspectors temporarily refused to work because one was allegedly beaten by frustrated employees. The issue surrounds the iPhone 5’s susceptibility to scratching, sometimes even before the device reaches consumer hands.

Apple’s incredibly high design expectations obviously have an affect outside of the consumer realm, and it’s showing. It’s unclear which report is true — on the one hand CLW could be blowing its account way out of proportion, while Foxconn may be performing obvious damage control. If it’s not over wages or working conditions, it’s unreasonable working expectations.

[via Reuters]

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