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Tech on the Range Episode #6: A Second Galaxy of Notes and DLC

by Joey Davidson | October 5, 2012October 5, 2012 12:00 pm PST

Welcome to the newest episode of Tech on the Range. This show will feature three staff members from the TechnoBuffalo team as they discuss a central idea in an almost random fashion. This week’s panel consists of Sean Aune, Joey Davidson and Todd Haselton.

You can find us each on Twitter.

Sean Aune – @seanpaune

Joey Davidson – @JoeyDavidson

Todd Haselton – @robotodd

This week’s topic is “A Second Galaxy of Notes and DLC.”

It’s another week of multiple topics as the crew hits the brand new Galaxy Note 2, Todd’s decision to buy an iPhone 5, Joey’s hatred of Season Pass DLC and how much Sean wants to travel by private jet.

The whole group has some explaining to do, so listen in and find out what’s up.

We referenced these articles in the episode.

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Joey Davidson

Joey Davidson leads the gaming department here on TechnoBuffalo. He's been covering games online for more than 10 years, and he's a lover of all...