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Samsung Sets Earnings Guidance for Q3 2012

Samsung is preparing to release its third quarter 2012 earnings and, ahead of the official publication of those earnings, has released guidance for the quarter. The South Korea-based firm expects consolidated sales to fall in between 51 trillion and 53 trillion Korean won (approx. $45.9 billion to $47.7 billion USD) and its consolidated operating profit to hit between 7.9 and 8.3 trillion won (approx. $7.1 billion to $7.47 billion USD). South Korea’s disclosure regulations don’t allow Samsung to publish a range, however, so it said it estimates its consolidated sales will hit 52 trillion won and its operating profits to land in at approximately 8.1 trillion won.

The company reported sales of 47.6 trillion won during the second quarter of this year and 6.72 trillion won in operating profits, so it looks like the company is expecting the third quarter to be slower than last. Still, we expect that the company should do well during the third quarter, which will account for global sales of its Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III.

“The full earnings for the third quarter will be disclosed following the Board of Directors’ approval of the financial statements and quarterly reports,” Samsung explained in a statement on Friday.

[via Samsung]

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