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Discord Between Foxconn Employees Reportedly Leads to Violent Uprising

by Brandon Russell | October 5, 2012October 5, 2012 3:30 pm PST

The unfortunate souls piecing together our precious Apple gear are not happy. Being underpaid and grossly overworked will do that to a large group of people. According to a breaking China Labor Watch report, thousands of employees have gone on strike due to unfair iPhone manufacturing demands. Today is the not the day for this kind of news.

At issue are the nicks and scratches customers are seeing on the iPhone 5’s anodized aluminum right out of the box. Plant managers are reportedly enforcing higher quality control standards to try and eliminate the issue altogether. But employees, frustrated by the device’s inherent design flaw and a lack of proper training, are being overwhelmed by demand. Thus, a violent uprising has ensued, meaning iPhone 5s may be even more scarce than they already are going forward.

CLW’s report explains that workers are just under far too much pressure, creating thick tension between line staff and inspectors. Multiple people have allegedly been injured because of employee brawls, which has lead to a temporary halt in production.

The black iPhone 5 is considered one of the more beautiful gadgets on the market, but its feeble susceptibility to scratching should have been dealt with long before hitting consumer hands. The issue has quite obviously reached a boiling point overseas, and it’s unfortunate the situation has come to this. Let’s hope Foxconn can get everything under control and proceed with peace.

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