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Samsung Claims Apple Won Billion-Dollar Lawsuit Because of Jury Bias

by Brandon Russell | October 3, 2012October 3, 2012 4:00 pm PST

Apple VS Samsung-3Samsung believes Jury Foreman Vel Hogan’s past history is a clear indication of his bias against the Korean company. Back in 1993, almost twenty years ago, Hogan was allegedly involved in a lawsuit with Seagate — a company that Samsung supposedly has a buddy-buddy relationship with — and failed to tell the judge. Eventually, the lawsuit led to Hogan filing for bankruptcy.

Therefore, Samsung is urging a judge to throw out August’s billion-dollar verdict because Hogan clearly has a personal vendetta against the Galaxy S III-maker.

According to Hogan, the court asked if any juror was involved in a lawsuit in the past ten years, to which he replied truthfully. Had the question been asked open-ended with no time frame, Hogan would’ve disclosed his past. Still, Hogan’s old baggage is something “Samsung should have been allowed to explore,” Bloomberg said, and that Hogan didn’t disclose the lawsuit so he could secure a seat on the jury. It’s quite the revenge tale, if true.

Hogan has responded to Samsung’s claims by saying that the company “let [him] in the jury just to have an excuse for a new trial if it didn’t go in [Samsung’s] favor.” That’s exactly what Samsung is hoping for if the previous verdict is thrown out: A new trial with a completely unbiased jury.

A lot of accusations are being thrown around, and we wonder what the judge thinks of Hogan’s past. It doesn’t sound like he did anything wrong, though his history is worth noting in such a huge trial like this one.

[via Bloomberg]

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