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Don’t Expect Any Third-Party iPhone 5 Accessories Until November

Apple_iPhone_5_Lightning_CableThose expecting third-party accessories compatible with the iPhone 5 will need to camp out until November — at the earliest. According to a report from iLounge, the Cupertino company is making it harder than ever for manufacturers to create Apple gear. To even start getting projects off the ground, accessory makers are being required to do so in Apple-approved facilities.

Unfortunately, Apple isn’t scheduled to begin giving the go-ahead until November, just before the holiday season kicks off. “Apple hasn’t approved any factories yet, which the sources say will limit the number of Lightning accessories in the near future,” iLounge said. Apple allegedly has a “seminar” planned where the company plans to discuss changes to its “Made For iPad/iPhone/iPad” policies.

Because Apple has included an authentication chip in its new Lightning connection, it’ll be harder for cheapo third party accessories to flood the market. When you think about it, that’s not the worst thing in the world because it requires companies to uphold a certain standard when making their kit. On the flip side, as is painfully obvious right now, not many accessories will exist. At least not until November.

[via iLounge]

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