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Apple Tells Retina MacBook Pro Owners Not to Use Palm Rest Covers

by Killian Bell | October 2, 2012October 2, 2012 6:17 am PST

MacBook Pro palm rest cover

If you’ve gotten used to using a palm rest cover with your MacBook, you’ll need to get used to life without one when you upgrade to the Retina MacBook Pro. Apple has published a support document on its website that tells customers that palm rest covers should not be used on its next-generation notebook.

Why? Well, in an effort to make the Retina MacBook Pro so thin, Apple had to cut down on a lot of the space. That means that the space between the display and the keyboard on the new notebook is less than that on previous MacBooks. In fact, there’s so little space there that using a palm rest cover could actually damage your display.

Apple notes:

Leaving palm rest covers or other material on the palm rest surface of your computer could result in damage to the display when you close it.

To enable thin design, the clearance between the display and the palm rest area is engineered to tight tolerances. Do not use palm rest covers as the added thickness may interfere with the designed resting position of the display.

As a best practice, keep the palm rest clear of any material.

And of course, if you’ve already installed a palm rest cover on your Retina MacBook Pro, it may be best to remove it. While it may not be causing an issue at the moment, over time it could cause problems.

As noted by Macgasm, Apple has clearly seen Retina MacBook Pro displays broken by palm rests and felt the need to publish this warning. Have you suffered this issue?

[Via: Macgasm]

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