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Microsoft Introducing Redesign Exclusive to Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 (Video)

In preparation for the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has implemented a Modern-inspired design to that was built exclusively for Internet Explorer 10. As you’d imagine, the site is heavily geared toward touch — Microsoft’s Surface is coming out this month after all — which is one of Windows 8’s more defining aspects.

Content will be displayed in full-screen, and work as an “app-like” experience because of the architecture between Windows 8 and IE10. Additionally, Microsoft explained that users who visit the redesigned site, when it launches on Oct. 26, will immediately know what content is most important because of the story tile size. It will also support features such as Snap and Flip Ahead.

The redesigned MSN homepage also offer a fresh news consumption experience. “MSN for Windows 8 brings you trusted, world-class news from a variety of sources, including new content relationships with the Associated Press and Reuters,” Microsoft explained in a blog post Monday. ” We’re are also introducing MSN News which is designed to deliver the news you’re looking for, how you’re looking for it.  It will deliver short succinct news bites from 300-500 words providing you with quick snap-shots of information. Whether you’re reading news, sports or money, the experience is intuitive and consistent across categories and channels.”

[via MSN Blog]