HP’s Open webOS 1.0 Goes Live, Says Hello to the Camera

by Brandon Russell | September 28, 2012

The fossil of webOS is being preserved and put on display by HP, with version 1.0 becoming final on Friday. The company set up a two minute demo video on a larger-screened TouchSmart all-in-one showing off HP’s achievement, saying that the Enyo 2 framework is now supported along with some other bells and whistles. The port to the TouchSmart isn’t ideal, but optimizations are likely to come through the developer community and manufacturers. Really, this is merely to demonstrate that webOS is still very much alive and ready to take on shape.

Considering HP’s recent statements, we’re starting to wonder if HP is going to resurrect the Pre smartphone family all over again.

Anyone with interest can download the webOS source code and give it a spin through an emulator — sorry, no HP TouchPad support!

[via Engadget]


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