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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Dances Gangnam Style With PSY on Asian Tour

by Killian Bell | September 27, 2012September 27, 2012 4:00 am PST

Eric Schmidt Gangnam Style

Thanks to South Korean artist PSY, everyone’s dancing “Gangnam Style” these days — including TechnoBuffalo president Jon Rettinger. So it’s little surprise to see Google chairman Eric Schmidt getting involved during his tour of Asia. Schmidt even received lessons from PSY himself.

Schmidt launched launched Google’s Nexus 7 tablet in Tokyo earlier this week, but he’s now moved on to take care of more pressing matters — as you can see from the images above and below. A Google representative told The Next Web:

PSY visited the Google office to chat with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. Eric asked to be taught the horse dance and presented PSY with a framed Google Doodle.

Eric Schmidt with PSY

Schmidt doesn’t strike me as a dancing man, but I suppose meeting PSY and not getting Gangnam Style dancing lessons would be nothing short of a big regret. I don’t know why the dance has become such a sensation, though; I’ve been busting moves like that since I had my first taste of alcohol.

[Via: The Next Web]

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