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Google’s Street View Goes Scuba Diving, Explores the Great Barrier Reef

by Brandon Russell | September 26, 2012September 26, 2012 10:00 pm PST

great-barrier-reefNot many folks will have the opportunity to experience the Great Barrier Reef first hand, so of course Google is doing something about that. In partnership with The Catlan Seaview Survey, the company is using its Street View tech so folks at home can essentially dive through some of Earth’s most incredible underwater ecosystems.

The video below is a stunning look at a world that’s largely alien to most folks. And it’s a shame, too, because what lies beneath is stunning. By using a specially designed underwater camera, dubbed SVII, Google was able to capture some truly wonderful images that make places like Apo Island, Hanauma Bay and Molokini crater accessible worldwide.

If anything, it’s a cool way to peer into life that exists beyond what most techies are used to seeing.

[via GoogleLatLong]

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