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Apple Aggressively Hiring Ex-Google Maps Staff, Says Report

by Brandon Russell | September 24, 2012September 24, 2012 11:00 am PST

iOS 6 MapsPlenty of attention has been focused on Apple’s homebred Maps application over the past several days. It’s by no means the worst system around, but there is still much work to be done. So in an effort to assemble a more consistent product, Apple is reportedly loitering around Maps-R-Us in the hopes of recruiting some ex-Google Maps staff.

According to TechCrunch, folks close to both sides of the coin have said that many of the ex-employees contacted by Apple are “eager to accept” the company’s invitation. The opportunity to create a new product in Apple’s ecosystem is allegedly something the experienced bunch can’t refuse. I guess it’s hard to say no to the world’s most valuable company.

In short, one of TechCrunch’s sources said Google Maps became “less interesting” once Google began focusing on creating floor plan maps, so many folks working on that project started to look elsewhere. The source goes on to describe a few different scenarios where Apple contacted the Google Maps wizards only after their contracts were up.

We already know that Apple is hard at work on improving its mapping application, and it sounds like the company is hiring the right people to make that happen. It certainly won’t happen overnight, or even in the next few months, but the platform is there to build something that will reportedly compete with Google Maps, the ex-Googler said.

It’ll initially be an uphill climb — Google has a humungous head start with data, keyword searches, street view and licensed data — but Apple certainly has the bankroll to create a viable competitor. We’re excited to see how the Google defectors improve the Apple Maps experience in the next six or so months.

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