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Motorola Android Update Plans Slip Further Behind

Those of you with Motorola devices that have been eagerly awaiting Android updates may have a bit more waiting to do.

Motorola has updated its Android update sheet again, and it isn’t looking too good for some of you. For instance, the Atrix 2 was scheduled to be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich in the third quarter of this year which ends on Sept. 30. The latest update shows it listed as “Further plans coming soon.” The Droid Bionic was originally scheduled to receive ICS in the early part of the third quarter, and it is now said to only be beginning the delivery sometime in the fourth quarter.

One almost has to wonder if the Google acquisition of Motorla is causing a reset at the company. The manufacturer has already announced a $100 credit for anyone with a 2011 or later phone that doesn’t receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, perhaps this is a cheaper route to go than trying to work out the updates? Pure speculation on our part, but some of these update slips just aren’t making much sense.

If you’re a user of one of the impacted phones, here’s hoping there is another update with more information soon.

Motorola Android update plans - Sept 2012

[via Motorola]

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