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Yakuza 5 Gets Two Brand New Trailers, Japanese Launch Date

by Joey Davidson | September 20, 2012September 20, 2012 6:30 pm PST

The Yakuza franchise from Sega is known for a few basic qualities: its excellent recreation of urban Japan, its absurd gameplay mechanics and its strong set of characters. These pillars are what tends to draw fans to experiencing each new entry in the Yakuza line, of which there have been four.

Yakuza 5 has been given two more trailers and a release date, both of which come during the Tokyo Game Show that’s going on in Japan right now.

Both trailers, if you haven’t already figured out by now, are entirely in Japanese. But, hey, bear fighting and baseball transcend all language barriers, don’t they? Here’s the second.

Japanese gamers will be able to buy the newest entry in this odd franchise for the PlayStation 3 on December 6th of this year. The rest of the world? We’re still in flux, folks. Let’s hope Sega deems this worthy of an international release so that we can love it for ourselves.

Are you interested in Yakuza 5?

[via CVG]

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