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PlayStation Plus Coming to PlayStation Vita

by Ron Duwell | September 19, 2012September 19, 2012 7:34 am PST

pspluslogoIf you’ve bought a PlayStation Vita, and you’re feeling left out of all the great bargains Sony’s preferred customer program offers, there’s no need to worry anymore. At their pre-TGS press conference, Sony announced that the re-surging PlayStation Plus will finally be making it way to the PlayStation Vita this coming November.

All the bells and whistles from its console big brother will come attached: discounts on Sony’s great PSN line-up, exclusive demos, a gigabyte of cloud space, and best of all, free games! Even if you are already a member of the PlayStation Plus crowd, there’s no need to worry. You can bring the fun on the road with you at no extra cost.

Your entire PlayStation account will be at your fingertips ready to download through your portable device as well the instant you download the necessary software update. I know getting Sony’s updates can see like a chore in itself at times, but it’s totally worth it in this case.

Pricing also remains the same as well. The typical $17.99 for three months or $49.99 for a year will also be the flat rate for the PlayStation Vita if you haven’t climbed aboard yet.

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