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Rovio, Makers of Angry Birds, is Making a New Game Called Bad Piggies

by Brandon Russell | September 18, 2012September 18, 2012 6:30 pm PST

bad-piggiesThe concept of Angry Birds is simple: slingshot your fowl into a group of snorting swine. Repeat ad nauseum. Despite its charm — and the physics of Angry Birds Space — the formula is more than old. So Rovio is moving on to a new project with some familiar faces.

Bad Piggies is the company’s next venture, and it takes much more brain activity than merely flinging kamikaze birds at stationary targets. This go around, players will need to test their imagination and engineering skills by building vehicles to complete levels. It’s a huge change of pace for the familiar green villains — and perhaps shows that the thieving pigs are off to explore more noble adventures.

This one will be available on Android, iOS, PC and Mac on Sept. 27. Start drawing up your blueprints now.

[via Yahoo! Games]

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