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SIM-Free Sony Xperia T May be Delayed Until January

Sony Xperia T

If you’re looking to get your hands on the new Sony Xperia T, then I hope you’re planning to take it out on contract. Because if you’re not, you’d better prepare yourself for a lengthy wait, because the SIM-free model may not be arriving until as late as January.

The Xperia T is scheduled to make its debut between September 27 and 29 in the United Kingdom, when you’ll be able to pick it up on contract from a number of carriers. But British retailer Expansys has told TechRadar that the SIM-free handset is delayed, and may not show its face until early 2013.

Speaking to a spokesperson from Expansys, TechRadar was told that Sony is planning to launch its latest flagship smartphone between the 27 and 29 of this month, however the exact date is yet to be finalised.

However the site doesn’t expect to be able to stock the Xperia T until as late as possibly January, as talks with Sony revealed the handset will be only available on contract first, direct from networks and from a couple of high street retailers.

Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U are said to be the two retailers that have been given exclusive access to the Xperia T, and they’re currently offering the smartphone on Orange and O2. Three and Vodafone are also expected to carry the device later on, but neither has announced tariffs and prices yet.

Are you looking to get the Xperia T SIM-free?

[Via: TechRadar]

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